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Our resourceful team work round the clock to deliver intuitive guides and relevant information to help you stay connected to the internet anywhere you are in the world – without concern about censorship or surveillance.

There are a handful of VPN providers out there. They all claim to offer guaranteed speed, reliability, and security. However, all VPN products or services are not built the same. This is why we conduct regular tests to ascertain VPN providers that truly deliver. We work hard to save you time and ensure you get maximum value for your investment.

We also go beyond sharing recommendations solely from our view of point. We provide important information such as cost, pros, cons, and key features to guide you in making your own decision when choosing a VPN.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our visitors save time and money without compromising their safety and privacy.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help achieve an internet world with total freedom.

Who We Are

VPN Jedi is an informational website established by an elite tech group – Panachora LLC. Panachora is a team of young, vibrant tech specialists. We share insightful data-based and experience-driven information on VPN Jedi without preference or influence.

What We Do

Our team conducts research targeting VPN products and services, providers, and other related matters. We strive to continually provide this relevant information to make sure our visitors keep safe online.

The Value We Provide

  • Save money and time – Let the Jedi guide you on how to choose a VPN provider.
  • Avoid illegitimate websites – Some of these VPN providers sell their customer’s data.
  • Avoid legal trouble – Save yourself legal trouble with torrent sites.
  • Latest tips and guides – Learn how to stay anonymous and evade surveillance.
  • Compare VPNs – Let us help you improve your decision-making by comparing popular VPNs.
  • IP address – Get IP Addresses for any country in the world.
  • Top picks – Get access to the top VPNs in any country or location
  • Freebies and discounts – Enjoy free VPNs. We also partner with VPN providers to provide discounts.

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